The Word Of Faith Bible Institute [WOFBI] – (The Training Mandate)

We want to invite you to join an army of men and women, young and old, who are ready to let their lives count for eternity – people who want to be used of God by the power of His Spirit to make an eternal impact on their generation.
At WOFBI, you will be make yourself part of the new breed of revivalists. You will be armed with the Word of God, ignited by the Fire of God, and ultimately launched into the destiny that God has for your life!

Impact of WOFBI:
At WOFBI, we do not offer mere secular education; we also provide deep spiritual enlightenment, as well as mental empowerment for exploits. WOFBI is not just a place of learning; it is actually a mountain of transformation. In the words of Dr. David Oyedepo, “There is no mountain anywhere; every man’s ignorance is his mountain“. It is your light that defines your limit, if you will submit to the forces of enlightenment; you will subdue every mountainous issues of your life.

  • The school is non-residential
  • The School does not run correspondence programme
  • The BCC Course is a pre-requisite for one to attend the LCC and then the LDC courses
  • You must show proof of satisfactory level of literacy with ability to communicate in English language.
  • Classes run throughout the year, so take advantage of this great opportunity.

Basic Certificate Course [BCC]

  • This is the Foundation Course for those who have never attended any previous WOFBI program.
  • The BCC Course is a pre-requisite for one to attend the LCC and then the LDC courses.

Leadership Certificate Course [LCC]

  • This is a Leadership Development/Motivational Course, for those who have attended the BCC Specialized program

Leadership Diploma Course [LDC]

  • This is the Advanced Leadership Course, opened to those who have successfully passed through the WOFBI LCC program


  1. Principles of Ministry (POM 101) – Col 4:17
    To familiarise students with the fundamentals of Ministry and help them acquire the details of starting and running an ever-growing healthy ministry.
  1. Family Life (FL 101) – Gen. 1:28
    To give students an understanding of what marriage and family life are; God’s purpose for instituting marriage and how to succeed in it.
  1. Principles of Financial Prosperity (PFP 101) – Deut. 8:18
    To help the students understand and know God’s will concerning financial prosperity and how to attract and deploy Covenant Wealth.
  1. Word Foundation (WF 101) – John 1:1
    To lay a solid foundation in the word of God for the students and provoke their understanding of the fact that nothing works outside the word of God.
  1. Character Development (CD 101) – Rom. 8:19
    To teach each student what the character of God is; how to develop such a sound Christian character and how to resist and overcome the ungodly character vices that clamour for men’s attention.
  1. Principles of Faith (POF 101) – Heb.11:6
    To baptise students with the Spirit of Faith and impart them with a working knowledge of the word of faith and how to grow in faith.
  1. Holy Spirit (HS101) – John 16:13
    To bring the students to the knowledge of the person and functions of the Holy Spirit, His Gifts and fruits. To teach each student how to hear His voice for Guidance and Direction and operate powerfully by the Spirit for fulfilment.
  1. New Creation Fundamentals (NCF101) – 2 Cor.5:17
    To recreate a working knowledge of the Acts of the Apostles in the present day Covenant child and set the fire of God burning in the hearts of men.
  1. Principles of Answered Prayers (PAP 101)
    To enhance the understanding of the students on the subject of prayer and establish the students as all-time commanders in life situations so they know what to do to effect any desired change through prayer.
  1. Dynamics of Potentials (DOP 101) –
    To reveal that everyone was created by God to fulfil a divine purpose with divine abilities and provoke a stirring up of the hidden abilities placed in each one for their profiting on earth.
  1. Principles of Success (POS 101) – Joshua 1:8
    To arouse a strong desire for covenant success through the acquisition of relevant knowledge of the principles leading to success in life.
  1. Determining Divine Direction (DDD 101) – Isaiah 30:21
    To help each student understand the wisdom of God and how to walk in divine direction and enjoy complete and continuous dominion on earth.

Basic Certificate Courses (BCC)

1.     Principles of Ministry (POM 101)
2.     Family Life (FL 101)
3.     Principles of Financial Prosperity (PFP 101)
4.     Word Foundation (WF 101)
5.     Character Development (CD 101)
6.     Principles of Faith (POF 101)
7.     Holy Spirit (HS101)
8.     New Creation Fundamentals (NCF101)
9.     Principles of Answered Prayers (PAP 101)
10.   Dynamics of Potentials (DOP 101)
11.   Principles of Success (POS 101)
12.   Determining Divine Direction (DDD101)


1. Biblical Business Strategies (BBS 202)
To bring students to the understanding that God is not averse to business and inculcate in students the vital principles for starting a business and sustaining the success of that business virtue.

2. Excellence in Ministry (EIM 202)
To impart people with the knowledge of the steps to take to excel and attain their colourful destiny in ministry.

3. Marriage Covenant (MCN 202)
To bring to the understanding of the students what marriage and family is and enlighten them on what it takes to make the right choice and enjoy a successful marriage.

4. Principles of Church Growth ( PCG 202)
To teach students the biblical factors and strategies responsible for an ever flourishing church ministry and help them understand the principles of growth and its application to every area of life.

5. Dynamics of Holiness (DOH 202)
To show people precisely what the nature of sin is; what it takes to arrest it and the demands of a lifestyle of holiness.

6. Dynamics of Signs and Wonders (DSW 202)
To bring everyone into an understanding of the forces behind the miraculous and turn everyone into a miracle worker.

7. Vision Analysis (VAN 202)
To bring each one to the understanding what it takes to secure a divine vision and develop the spiritual sensitivity and discipline required for pursuit.

8. Mind Dynamics (MD 202)
To explore and reveal the treasures embedded in the mind and help students discover that they can fulfil their destiny of a happier and richer life through the correct use of the mind.

9. Success Concept (SC 202)
To help students determine the proper combination of factors for success and how to correctly apply such factors and be sure of success in life’s endeavour

10. Faith Complex (FCX 202)
To give students the understanding of what it takes to operate the complex aspects of faith, effectively tackle complex problems and obtain greater victories in life by operating in a greater dimension of faith.

11. Principles of Supernatural Supplies (PSS 202)
To help students understand the sufficiency of God, recognise the willingness of God to supply all needs and understands how God supplies to those who put their trust in Him.

12. Understanding the Power of Praise (UPP 202)
This course is designed to deepen the understanding of the students in the knowledge of the subject of Thanksgiving, Praise & Worship and expose the end time wisdom in Praise for Victory as ordained by God.

13. Understanding the Anointing (UTA 202)
The general objective of this course is to carry the students along in a journey in the school of understanding for greater manifestation of power. The course is designed to give a better understanding or appreciation of the personality of the Holy Spirit and how He functions, how to grow in the anointing and how to sustain the anointing.

Leadership Certificate Course (LCC)

  • Biblical Business Srtrategy(BBS) – Ecl.10:15
  • Understanding the Power of Praise(UPP) – Heb.13:15
  • Excellence in Ministry(EIM) – Phil. 3:14
  • Principles of Church Growth(PCG) – Matt. 16: 18
  • Understanding the Anointing(UTA) – Is. 10:27
  • Principles of Supernatural Supplies(PSS) – Phil. 4:19
  • Dynamics of Signs and Wonders(DSW) – Is. 8:18
  • Dynamics of Holiness(DOH) – 2 Cor. 7:1
  • Vision Analysis(VAN) – Hab. 2:3
  • Marriage Covenant(MCN) – Psa. 89:34
  • Faith Complex(FCX) – Mat. 17: 20
  • Success Concept(SCT) – Isaiah 48:17


1. Growing In Power (GIP 303) – Acts 1:8
To bring the students into the understanding that the secret of exploits in life and ministry is rooted in power and show them how to grow and sustain God’s power to maintain relevance.

2. Financing The Ministry (FTM 303) – Luke 22:35
This course is designed take a look at the dynamics of finances as it relates to ministry and bring all to the reality of the fact that financial supply in ministry answers to covenant practise.

3. Word Dynamics (WDY 303) – Hebrews 4:12
To bring to the understanding of the students that there is power in the word of God, and train them on how to take advantage of the same.

4. Plan, Purpose and Pursuit (PPP303) – Jeremiah 1:5
To give the students an in depth understanding of purpose, pursuit as well as the relevance of both to living, and leadership development.

5. Christian Work Ethics (CWE 303)
To Introduce each student to a very important but unpopular character of Christ – “The kingdom Work Culture” and prepare them for the new phase of God’s agenda for the end-time church

6. Exploits Of Faith (EOF303) – 1 John 5:4
To help the students locate the strategies for making their faith to produce and access the tangible evidences and proofs of faith.

7. Exploits in Ministry (EXM 303) – 1 Thessalonians 5:24
To help the students discover the steps up the ladder of Exploits in Ministry and set themselves to discover and pursue their God ordained assignment with excellence.

8. Principle of Integrity (PIN 303) – Proverbs 11:3
This course is designed to expose students to the understanding of the basic concept of integrity and how to attain and maintain the same.

9. Signs and Wonders Today (SWT 303) -Acts 5:12
Designed to give adequate knowledge of the mysteries of the Kingdom and deliver same to the students so they can subdue satan and exercise dominion on earth.

10. Supernatural Wisdom (SPW 303) – James 1:5
To inspire students for resourceful thinking and plant into them what makes for a life full of the wisdom of God (Supernatural Wisdom).

11. Ministry and Family (MAF 303) – 1 Timothy 3:5
To help each student understand the importance of the family as the foundation for success in ministry as well as the inter relationship between ministry and family and elicit factors that makes for effective family relationship.

12. Spiritual Leadership (SPL 303) – Mathew 20:25-27
To awaken and assist in developing and refining the leadership potential hidden within each individual and give each student practical insight to the God kind of Leadership style.

13. Signs and Wonders for today (SWT 303) – Acts 5:12
This course is designed to give students adequate knowledge of the mysteries of the kingdom, put in their hands weapons of God with which to subdue satan, and establish their unquestionable dominion on the earth.

Leadership Diploma Course (LDC)

  • Biblical Management Principles (BMP) – Pro. 24:27
  • Exploits in Ministry (EXM) – 1 Thessalonians 5:24
  • Principles of Integrity (PIN) – Proverbs 11:3
  • Growing in Power (GIP) – Acts 1:8
  • Word Dynamics (WDY) Hebrews – 4:12
  • Ministry and Family (MAF) – 1 Timothy 3:5
  • Financing the Ministry (FTM) – Luke 22:35
  • Supernatural Wisdom (SPW) – James 1:5
  • Exploits of Faith (EOF) – 1 John 5:4
  • Signs and Wonders Today (SWT) – Acts 5:12
  • Plan Purpose and Pursuit (PPP) – Jeremiah 1:5
  • Spiritual Leadership (SPL) – Mathew 20:25-27

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